What is Featheread?

Featheread is a book-hosting social network for authors, readers, and publishers. There are many wonderful books that are difficult to discover because they are on individual blogs. Feathered brings those works of word-art into one place. It has been said that, “Featheread is like YouTube for books.”Share your story; write a book.

Is it free?

Yes!Featheread is FREE for both authors and readers. Please enjoy!

Is my content safe?

Thanks to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, your work is protected from the moment you create it in a format that is "perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.”However, if you wish to register your work in the United States, you can do that here:

Why do some things work while others do not?

Featheread is currently in BETA. This means it is still being developed. Therefore, you may see some things out of place or experience broken functions. Rest assured, they will be fixed and new features will be added. Having people like you join during this stage is greatly important. A social network without users is a little like watching a theater play without any characters; it’s pretty pointless. The goal is to have 100 books on the site by the end of development. This will allow immediate commercial promotion.So please join now and be a part of Featheread’s First 100. You will be added to an acknowledgement list and will always be remembered as a pioneer.

Am I posting my book for free?

Yes, Featheread is a tool for up-and-coming authors. It allows them to share their works with the world, gain a following, and prove themselves to publishers. Let’s say an author writes a book and uploads it to their personal blog. Then, they post the link around the web and get 100 people to check out their story. That’s not terrible, but the writer spent a long time on that book. However, Featheread is a collective of unpublished authors that work together. If 100 writers bring 100 readers to the site, you now have 10,000 potential readers.Make sense?

What if my book isn’t done yet?

You may think to yourself, “I’m too busy to write an entire book, but I can write one chapter.” That is fine. Actually, it’s better than fine. It’s brilliant! Why? Because then it becomes something more than a book. It’s no longer static. You can’t flip to the last page to see the ending. It’s alive! Users will read your chapter and wonder, “what’s going to happen next?” They will discuss among themselves in the comment section about what they want to read in the following chapter.You can use the readers’ comments as inspiration while you continue your story. After awhile, you will gain a following of loyal readers who keep coming back for more. One-chapter-at-a-time is the future of independent books. Be ahead of the curve and add your chapter now!